At the time of the merge (September 15th 2022), I had some ETH on my still active Mainnet Safe Vault.

I'm aware that Gnosis Safe team won't support the ETW fork chain, and because of that I have been looking for alternative ways of interacting with my forked vault, and access those ETHW coins.

Yesterday someone told me about a website: https://wafebox.com/ , which appears to be a fork of the safe web-app, interacting with the ETHw chain fork.

I used it, and it seems to be legit, however I'm very concerned because I see no references to the website anywhere, social media are dead, etc..

What I "liked":

1- I'm signing with chainId 10001, which invalidates any replay attack attempt on mainnet with "chainId 1"

2- The "safe nonce" is currently lower on forked chain than on mainnet, because I have been using it. So I think that even if chainId was the same, it would be impossible to replay on mainnet because the nonce is already used (at least for the next couple of nonces where it keeps lower than mainnet)

Although I consider myself an "expert user", I don't want to give a false step on this one, so I appreciate that more eyes can look into it.

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