I have a simple question but I cannot find the problem. I want to expose the RPC port of my node in my local network (so that I can access it from another computer).

I run the node with : geth --http --http.corsdomain=* --http.api eth,net,admin,web3,debug --datadir /opt/ethereum/execution --maxpeers 16 --authrpc.jwtsecret /opt/ethereum/consensus/prysm/jwt.hex


lsof -i -P -n | grep 8545

still outputs


and not something like


as I want it to be.

Do you know why the corsdomain parameter does not change anything ? Thank you in advance


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That's a command I ended up to boot a node for my aims:

geth --allow-insecure-unlock --http --http.addr "" --port $NODE1_PORT_UDP_TCP --http.corsdomain '*' --authrpc.port $NODE1_PORT_RPC --http.port $NODE1_PORT --http.api admin,personal,eth,net,web3  --datadir ./node1/data --miner.gasprice 0 --verbosity 3 &

Please note --allow-insecure-unlock is open node for some security attacks. As well as --http.corsdomain does too. They are here only for development stage - deployment and run in the production would require extra efforts to cover this security risks.


I was not looking at the right thing. I wanted


Which just need to add the option

--http.addr [::]

in the Geth comand.

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