I have the following upgradeable contract using @import "@openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable/proxy/utils/Initializable.sol";

contract StargateSwap is Initializable, AccessControlUpgradeable, PausableUpgradeable {
using SafeERC20 for IERC20;
bytes32 public constant OPERATOR_ROLE = keccak256("OPERATOR_ROLE");
uint16 public constant ETH_POOL_ID = 13;

address public stargateRouter;
address public stargateEthVault;
uint16 public dstPoolId;

mapping (address => bool) public validOutputTokens;

function initialize(
    address _stargateRouter, 
    address _stargateEthVault, 
    uint16 _destPoolId, 
    address[] memory _validOutputTokens
) public initializer {
    _setupRole(DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE, _msgSender());
    _setupRole(OPERATOR_ROLE, _msgSender());
    stargateRouter = _stargateRouter;
    stargateEthVault = _stargateEthVault;
    dstPoolId = _destPoolId;
    for(uint i; i < _validOutputTokens.length; i++) {
        validOutputTokens[_validOutputTokens[i]] = true;

And I am using the following deployment script using hardhat-deploy (https://www.npmjs.com/package/hardhat-deploy)

const STARGATE = require("../constants/stargate.json")

module.exports = async function ({ deployments, getNamedAccounts }) {
    const { deploy } = deployments
    const { deployer } = await getNamedAccounts()

    const stargateRouter = STARGATE.router[hre.network.name];
    const stargateEthVault = STARGATE.ethVault[hre.network.name];
    console.log(`[${hre.network.name}] Stargate Router address: ${stargateRouter}`);
    console.log(`[${hre.network.name}] Stargate ETH vault address: ${stargateEthVault}`);
    console.log(`[${hre.network.name}] Deployer: ${deployer}`);
    await deploy("Fiat24StargateSwap", {
        from: deployer,
        log: true,
        proxy: {
            owner: deployer,
            proxyContract: 'OpenZeppelinTransparentProxy',
            methodName: 'init',
        args: [ stargateRouter, 
        waitConfirmations: 1,

And I get the following error message:

Error: The number of arguments passed to not match the number of argument in the implementation constructor. Please specify the correct number of arguments as part of the deploy options: "args"

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Looks like your function names don't match. Your script claims it's init but your contract has function initialize. Fix that.

Read more info about hardhat-deploy proxy deployment here.

  • Thank you very much @Lauri Peltonen. I've changed to initialize, but still get the same error.
    – user66732
    Jan 16, 2023 at 18:08

The args option expects the constructor to have the specified arguments. When you need to pass arguments only to a proxy init function then you can do it like this instead:

const deployed = await deploy("YourContract", {
  from: deployer,
  proxy: {
    execute: {
      init: {
        methodName: "initialize",
        args: ["arg1", "arg2"],
    proxyContract: "OpenZeppelinTransparentProxy",
  log: true,
  autoMine: true,

Note that the we use execute instead and don’t specify any args for the constructor itself

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