I am trying to add this code to handle the change of accounts in Metamask...

  .request({ method: 'eth_accounts' })
  .catch((err: any) => {
    // Some unexpected error.
    // For backwards compatibility reasons, if no accounts are available,
    // eth_accounts will return an empty array.

  if (ethereum) {
    // running on client and window + ethereum is avail
  } else {
    // you are on the server.
    // OR user does not have a broswer wallet - i.e. metamask
// Note that this event is emitted on page load.
// If the array of accounts is non-empty, you're already
// connected.
ethereum.on('accountsChanged', handleAccountsChanged);

...but I am getting the following error in my TypeScript project:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'request')

ethereum has been defined like this, using metamask-react:

  const { status, connect, account, chainId, ethereum } = useMetaMask();

It seems that the object ethereum is not being correctly loaded.

Any thoughts?

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although npm page says ts support but type for ethereum is any in the source code.

export declare function useConnectedMetaMask(): {
    account: string;
    chainId: string;
    status: "connected";
} & {
    connect: () => Promise<string[] | null>;
    addChain: (parameters: import("./metamask-context").AddEthereumChainParameter) => Promise<void>;
    switchChain: (chainId: string) => Promise<void>;
    ethereum: any;

I posted the proper type for Ethereum in this StackOverflow post.

Initially, I had the same error, the request was not sending to pop up the metamask window. It was because I was already connected to the metamask at localhost:3000 from my other apps. So I manually disconnected and set useEffect

 const { status, connect, account, chainId, ethereum } = useMetaMask();

useEffect(() => {
    ethereum?.request({ method: "eth_requestAccounts" });

  }, []);

when page was loading, I get metamask window pop-up.



import { ExternalProvider } from '@ethersproject/providers';

 declare global {
   interface Window {
     ethereum?: ExternalProvider

On your app.tsx and call ethereum object as window.ethereum. The object will be only avaiable if there's any metamask account logged so you need to verify:

console.log('no ethereum wallet connected')

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