I can't figure out how to initial this data for the life of me. I have 2 structs which looks like so:

struct UserVotes {
   address userAddress;
   VoteOptionAmounts[] votes;

struct VoteInfo {
    uint256[] totalVotes;
    UserVotes[] userVotes;
    VoteChoices[] voteChoices;

I'm trying to initialize User Votes for a paticular user:

Attempt 1:

UserVotes memory newVote = UserVotes(account, new VoteOptionAmounts[](0));

Attempt 2:

VoteOptionAmounts[] storage userOptionAmounts = new VoteOptionAmounts[](0);
proposal.voteInfo.userVotes.push(UserVotes(account,  userOptionAmounts));

Attempt 3:

proposal.voteInfo.userVotes.push(UserVotes(account,  [VoteOptionAmounts(voteOptions[i].supportOption, optionWeight)]));

Nothing seems to work everything returns:

Copying of type struct VoteOptionAmounts memory[] memory to storage not yet supported.

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Apparently you can just push back an empty slot first;

uint256 userVotesIndex = proposal.voteInfo.userVotes.length; 
UserVotes storage userVote = proposal.voteInfo.userVotes[userVotesIndex];

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