Let's say I have smart contract A and smart contract B. I want to transfer the ownership of smart contract B to another account ONLY IF a transaction against smart contract A has been successful.

I understand I have to build both Tx-A and Tx-B and send them to the chain as part of the same transaction.

How can I do this?

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You need to write a third contract, smart contract C, that tries to execute Tx-A and then, if that is successful, run Tx-B.

import {contractA} from "<path to contract A>";
import {contractB} from "<path to contract B>";
contract C {
    function execute() external {
        contractA A = contractA(<address of A>);
        bool success = A.functionYouWantToCall();

        require(success, "functionYouWantToCall not successful");

        contractB B = contractB(<address of B>);

        B.transferOwnership(<new address>);


Now you can run C.execute() to achieve your goal.

Instead of writing your own contract, there may already be a contract on chain that lets you assemble function calls without having to write your own contract. For instance, many DEXs have a router that allows for "multicalls". See the test example which shows two functions being called in one transaction: https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/a28aafdc85a592776544f7978c6b1a462d28ede2/test/utils/Multicall.test.js#L45-L51

A list of multicall contract addresses by chain is at https://www.multicall3.com/deployments

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