I am working with aave-v3 on testnet deployed from the @aave-v3-deply deployment repo. I am unable to increase the supplyCap on the pool via the poolConfigurator.I have all the permission on the aclManager. I get error 69 (Invalid supply cap) the I call PoolConfigurator.setSupplyCap()

    function setSupplyCap(
        address asset,
        uint256 newSupplyCap
    ) external override onlyRiskOrPoolAdmins {
        DataTypes.ReserveConfigurationMap memory currentConfig = _pool
        uint256 oldSupplyCap = currentConfig.getSupplyCap();
        _pool.setConfiguration(asset, currentConfig);
        emit SupplyCapChanged(asset, oldSupplyCap, newSupplyCap);

I tried checking the function on the pool configurator but could not trace where

        **DataTypes.ReserveConfigurationMap** memory currentConfig = _pool


the setSupplyCap is implemented for the DataTypes.ReserveConfigurationMap struct.

  • Can you put your entire smart contract code? Jan 7 at 12:31
  • I am working with a fork of aave-v3. nothing has been changed on the contract.
    – phydy
    Jan 8 at 9:44


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