Hello everybody hope all are good ? i need your help ..

Note i already know how we can monitoring mempool but i'm talking about function of smart contract...

As mempool with pending Tx, i want make the same but get pending function call from smart contract.

If i call function 'swap' or 'transfer' from smart contract how can i monitoring it ?

Sincerely Mike

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const AddressOfToken = '0x123aBc';
const AddressOfToken_ABI = require('./"yourABIname".json')   
//File in same folder with ABI of CONTRACT

const Contract = new ethers.Contract(AddressOfToken ,AddressOfToken_ABI , 
//Need add an endpoint to provider (ETH, BSC ...)

Contract.on("Transfer",async (from, to, value, event, ) => {

const info = {
from: from,
to: to,
value: ethers.utils.formatUnits(value, "DecimalfromContractHere"),
event: event,
hash : event.transactionHash,
: event.args[1],

This return pending Tx function from contract



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