I have seen at least three different ways to test two BigNumbers.

  • Using waffle BigNumber
  • Convert toString()
  • Cast to Number

As an example hardhat test with chai and waffle.

const sendValueBN = ethers.utils.parseEther("0.1337")
const storedValueBN = await ethers.provider.getBalance(contract.address)
// using waffle

// toString()
assert.equal(sendValueBN.toString(), storedValueBN.toString())

// Cast to Number
assert.equal(Number(sendValueBN), Number(storedValueBN))

Can someone help me understand which one is preferred and why?

I ordered them in what I believe is the preferred order (top to bottom).
Casting to Number is worst because i believe it has the risk of precision loss due to BigNumber 1018 and a JavaScript Number is a double. But I am not sure even after reading this.

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the recommended way to compare BigNumber objects is to use the toString() method, because we compare the actual values of the BigNumber objects as strings.

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