I'm in the attempt of simply connecting Geth to the Goerli testnet and and being able to use the web3 library in the console on the testnet. I tried opening a Goerli instance in Geth and then attaching the instance into a new terminal so that I could access the console. The thing is that simply the console does not work as I expected. When I input web3 and hit enter, for example, it displays correctly the whole web3 object. But when I type web3.utils. and hit tab, it doesn't show up any auto-completes and that is pretty routine for the web3 library.

Can someone help me on doing what I want: connect to the Goerli testnet on the console of Geth?

Connecting to Geth: enter image description here

Attaching Goerli instance to a new terminal:

enter image description here


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