I use tx.gasprice and block.basefee in my Smart Contract to calculate how much eth the User spent, to send the spent amount back to the Relayer, because I am using meta Transactions.

Now I wanted to set the gasLimit of my contract to the estimated Gas amount(to make the calculation in my smart contract as perfect as possible), but now I ran into a problem:

I can't estimate Gas when using tx.gasprice, because it only shows me that it spent ~92k gas, but in reality, the tx spent 190k-200k.

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So when i set test = true, the below code shows me only ~92k gas spent:

let estGas = await forwarder.estimateGas.execute(request, signature);

Also, when I set test = false it shows me a closer estimated gas amount of ~225k.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here is one example tx on goerli, everything works fine when I set the gasLimit to 300k besides that I get a wrong estimateGas() amount in javascript.

The same problem happens with transfer function which calls the modifier payGasFees(): when I set test = true, I get an error message and if I set it test = false everything works besides estimatedGas()

let estimatedGas = await myContract.estimateGas.transfer(chosenToken, amountInMaximum, fee, true, token, transferTo, _amount,{from: from, gasLimit: 300000});

enter image description here

So to Summarize everything:

The estimateGas function from ethers or web3 are not working when I use tx.gasprice in my smart contract.

I don't know why it's not working and idk how to solve this issue. It would be nice if someone have any idea or the same issue, I have no clue how to solve this problem. If you need more code to help me please let me know.


export async function signMetaTxRequest(signer, forwarder, input) {

    let request = await buildRequest( forwarder, input);
    const toSign = await buildTypedData(forwarder, request);
    const signature = await signTypedData2(signer, input.from, toSign);
    let estGas = await forwarder.estimateGas.execute(request, signature);
    console.log("estGas: ", estGas);
    console.log("estGas as Number: ", estGas.toNumber());
    return { signature, request };

export async function buildRequest(forwarder, input) {

    const nonce = await forwarder.getNonce(input.from).then(nonce => nonce.toString());
    return { value: 0, gas: 300000, nonce, ...input };

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I was connected to another network(matic) and it works perfectly, so the problem is probably goerli or maybe in general all testnets.

I will post a upadte as soon I can estimate the issue correctly

  • ok, i made a mistake, it still doesn't work, i can't estimate the gas at all, even when i try to estimate the gas for the below function i get an "unpredicatable gas fee" error: function getPrice() external { gasprice = tx.gasprice; } Jan 4, 2023 at 10:01
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    – Community Bot
    Jan 4, 2023 at 10:03

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