In the create function, I need the _title to be required and the _description to be optional. But when calling create without _title & with _description, it executes without any errors, but the _description gets assigned to the title in the struct.

Why isn't require working here? I'm using Remix Web.



search(0) output


pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract Test {    

struct Object {
        uint256 id;
        string title;
        string description;        

    mapping(uint256 => Object) objects;
    uint256 count;

    function create(string memory _title, string memory _description) public {
        require(bytes(_title).length > 0, "title must be set");
        objects[count] = Object(count, _title, _description);

    function search(uint256 _id) public view returns (string memory, string memory){
        return (objects[_id].title, objects[_id].description);

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If you're using Remix IDE, you should pass into _title parameter the following value: "" (empty quotes) for indicating it that specific parameter doesn't have any values. If you'll try in this way, you should see the error in require() statement.

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