We have smart contract for minting ERC721 tokens. The non custodial mints work fine through Javascript but custodial mints are always in pending state. We are using go-ethereum to make that smart contract calls.

Here are the transactions for custodial and non custodial mints respectively.

Can someone suggest why these transactions are at different states?

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It was because, a transaction from our wallet was in pending state due to low gas fee.


Ok this is simple.

Firstly it has nothing to Do with Custodial or Non-Custodial Wallets.

This issue has been caused due to the Gas Price, Gas Fees and the Gas Limit

As we can see Clearly In Etherscan

  This txn hash was found in our secondary node and should be picked up by our indexer in a short while.

The Issue Can be Resolved by setting the Gas Price, Gas Limit High

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