In solidity I wonder if I can define an array that can store array of strut inside another array I have gave an example bellow.

  [{id: 1, val: "val1"},{id: 2, val: "val2"},{id: 3, val: "val3"}],  
  [{id: 4, val: "val4"},{id: 5, val: "val5"},{id: 6, val: "val6"}],

Earlier I had a simple array using which I was just pushing single struct, but in that approach I have to pay gas fee for each array push

So I though if I can make a single list of multiple struct and call push method for that one array then I might be able to save a lot of gas.

I have tried achieving this using the snippet bellow but it doesn't work

struct Emp {
uint256 id;
string val;

Emp[][] public emprec;

function addEmpArr(Emp[][] memory arr) external {

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Maybe you can do something with mappings? mapping( uint256 => mapping( uint256 => Emp ) ) empRec or mapping( uint256 => Emp[]) empRec

  • Thanks for responding. Following your idea i tried to implement the same with mappings. But am not able to figure out how to work with this type of structure. Could you please give me a working example ?
    – Klr v
    Commented Dec 29, 2022 at 6:16
  • and while getting this data what will be return type ? like function getEmp() external view returns (empRec memory) { return emprec; }
    – Klr v
    Commented Dec 29, 2022 at 6:18

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