I know there are previous answers around this, but things have changed new EIP's:

Right now I'm using an array of structs, for something I only do in memory. It's very messy code and would be much simpler as mapping (with no arrays) — but I'm avoiding that due to the gas for storage writes. If I instead used a mapping, and deleted the mapping at the end of the function, would gas be comparable?

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I don't think you can delete a mapping because Solidity does not know the keys for the mapping. However, individual keys and what they map to can be deleted: If a is a mapping, then delete a[x] will delete the value stored at x. Deleting a mapping entry does result in a gas refund, and deleting a variable generally refunds 15,000 gas up to a maximum of half the gas cost of the transaction.



Is there a need to remove entries from mapping?


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