> eth.syncing
  currentBlock: 16251527,
  healedBytecodeBytes: 3866346,
  healedBytecodes: 555,
  healedTrienodeBytes: 1425183625,
  healedTrienodes: 5710325,
  healingBytecode: 0,
  healingTrienodes: 1108,
  highestBlock: 16253576,
  startingBlock: 16253562,
  syncedAccountBytes: 48076479250,
  syncedAccounts: 199811476,
  syncedBytecodeBytes: 5217153438,
  syncedBytecodes: 775494,
  syncedStorage: 870799640,
  syncedStorageBytes: 186771811744

Hi my node doesnt seem to be synching anymore current block atm is 16255791 when I getBlockByNumber it returns transactions for 16251527 block but null for any block number that is higher.. also I have peers in my peer list as well and have available memory in my datadir anyone experience this? or have any thoughts?


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