I have created a private Ethereum network on my Linux pc, where I have a number of accounts and some deployed smart contracts. This network is for testing purposes, and has only one mining node (local geth node). I wanted to move the data on a different Linux pc in order to use it there as well. These two 'copies' are not to be connected, so syncing a second node with first is not possible. I have copied the whole datadir to the second pc, and used the same geth executable, but when I start the network, I get the following error:

INFO [12-23|09:56:55.589] Smartcard socket not found, disabling    err="stat /run/pcscd/pcscd.comm: no such file or directory"
INFO [12-23|09:56:55.592] Set global gas cap                       cap=50,000,000
INFO [12-23|09:56:55.594] Allocated trie memory caches             clean=154.00MiB dirty=256.00MiB
INFO [12-23|09:56:55.594] Allocated cache and file handles         database=/home/user/blockchain/datadir/geth/chaindata cache=512.00MiB handles=524,288
Fatal: Failed to register the Ethereum service: rlp: expected input list for rawdb.freezerTableMeta

How can I copy datadir to another PC, so I can run a copy of the private network?


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