I read this page, and I can not understand this line.


0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000060 : the location of the data part of the first parameter (dynamic type), measured in bytes from the start of the arguments block. In this case, 0x60.

How to calc 0x60 ?

and any useful resource of ethereum transaction structure?

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0x60 is the hexadecimal representation of 96 (base 10).

In this context, it means the data part of the string is 96 bytes (or three 32 bytes words) away from the start of the arguments (discarding the first 4 bytes for the function id, count 3 words and this is where). Based on the example of the docs:


start counting here:
First 32 bytes, offset is 0:

Second/offset 32 == 0x20

Third: offset 64 == 0x40

Then here starts the part pointed by the first 0x60, offset 96==0x60

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