Getting this error while deploying mock contract

ReferenceError: MockV3Aggregator is not defined

Imported MockV3Aggregator from chainlink's github and now it's in my node modules also. This is my deploy script

const { network } = require("hardhat")
const { developmentChains, DECIMALS, INITIAL_ANSWER } = require("../helper-hardhat-config")

module.exports = async ({ getNamedAccounts, deployments}) => {
    const { deploy, log } = deployments
    const {deployer} = await getNamedAccounts()

    if (developmentChains.includes(network.name)) {
        log("Local network detected! Deploying mocks...")
        await deploy("MockV3Aggregator", {
            contract: MockV3Aggregator,
            from: deployer,
            log: true,
            args: [DECIMALS, INITIAL_ANSWER],
        log("Mocks deployed!!")

module.exports.tags = ["all", "mocks"]

and this is my helper-hardhat-config.js

const developmentChains = [ "hardhat", "localhost" ]
const DECIMALS = 8
const INITIAL_ANSWER = 200000000000

module.exports = {

and command used to deploy is

yarn hardhat deploy --tags mocks

Thanks for help!!!

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Ok i got it, After removing this line from deploy script, it is perfectly deployed

contract: MockV3Aggregator,

Your solution can solve the problem, but that's not the key point. MockV3Aggregator should be "MockV3Aggregator"

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