I am following the blockchain tutorial by Patrick Collins. For the NFT Marketplace frontend, to listen to the events emitted, moralis server is to be used.

This is the video with the required timestamp

But the server dashboard in admin.moralis.io which has been used in the tutorial has been deprecated. I have been trying to follow the official docs and videos for migrating to the new one, but unable to understand and do it.

I am confused whether just running the demo code locally for server given in https://docs.moralis.io/docs/nodejs-demo-parse-server-migration is enough, or do I have to host it somewhere and also if I have to create a stream, which is being shown in the new dashboard of admin.moralis.io, so that I can listen to the onchain events?

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Hi you will need to self-host your Moralis server and use the Streams API as an alternative to syncing events as shown in that tutorial.

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