I would like to listen to an event emitted by a function of my smartcontract with javascript.

filter = {
topics: [
    // the name of the event, parnetheses containing the data type of each event, no spaces
provider.on(filter, (address) => {

However, I'm also using Moralis, and I don't know how to get the "provider" to do "provider.on". I can't find a function "getMoralisProvider" or something like this. This listening of event is used in a component in react, and the father of this component is wrapped with <MoralisProvider initializeOnMount={false}>

Thanks for your help !

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If you want to get a web3 provider you can do for example:

const { enableWeb3 } = useMoralis(); 

const provider = await enableWeb3(); // provider from injected wallet e.g. MetaMask extension

provider.on('block', (blockNumber) => {
   console.log('blockNumber', blockNumber);

Reference: https://v1docs.moralis.io/moralis-dapp/web3/web3#connectors

If you have a backend, you may also be interested in using the Streams API where event data is streamed to your backend in real-time.

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