function withdraw () public OnlyOwner {
       for (uint i = 0 ; i<= funders.length ; i++) {
           address funder = funders[i];
           addresstoFund[funder] = 0 ;

       funders = new address[](0); // Syntax for reseting the array 
       payable (msg.sender).transfer(address(this).balance);


My error is this :

Gas estimation errored with the following message (see below). The transaction execution will likely fail. Do you want to force sending?
execution reverted
"originalError": {
"code": 3,
"data": "0x4e487b710000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000032",
"message": "execution reverted"

Can somebody help me

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There is a small error in your for loop. You are trying to loop it from 0 till funders.length. But the loop should have been executed till funders.length - 1 since the length of an array is 1 more than the index of the last element added to an array. Try it with this:

for (uint i = 0 ; i < funders.length ; i++) 

send and transfer functions has 2300 limit of gas. You might be passing that limit

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