I have a contract Foo with a __default__() method. I have another contract Bar that invokes Foo's __default__() method when it calls send(foo.address, 1).

When running Brownie tests, with both Foo and Bar deployed, Bar is reverting when it calls send(foo.address, 1). Unfortunately, I get no useful info about why Bar's send() fails. Therefore, I want to some how call Foo's __default__() directly in my Brownie test.

  1. Can a Brownie test invoke a contract's __default__() method?
  2. If so, how?

What I tried:

  • In Brownie test, called a non-existent method on a deployed Foo contract object. Was hoping the call would be dispatched to Foo's __default__() method, but it wasn't.

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Being new to Ethereum smart contracts, I didn't realize how easy it was to send eth from a Brownie test to a deployed contract. For future newbies, here's how:

# deploy contract
myContract = MyContract.deploy({'from': admin})

# transfering from an account to contract calls the contract's __default__() method
accounts[0].transfer(myContract.address, 1) 

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