For example:

  • In Ethereum WEI is the lowest denominator, ETH is the principal one.
  • In Bitcoin SAT is the lowest denominator, BTC is the principal one.

What would be the chain-independant technical terms for the 'lowest denomination' and 'principal denomination'?

I'm looking for one word that would mean both 'WEI' and 'SAT', and another word which would mean both 'ETH' and 'BTC'.

If there aren't such words, why is it so?

I've searched around for the universal denomination names but all I can see are specific names, such as: 1 2

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I don't think there is one word that would mean both 'WEI' and 'SAT', because the denominations for ETH and BTC are different. One ETH equals 10^18 WEI, and one BTC equals 100^6 SAT. Another word which would mean, for example, both 'ETH' and 'BTC', could be COIN because both of them have their native blockchain networks.

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