I am trying to dynamically update the balance of an ethereum address in database. For this i want to setup such a scenario that whenever that address receives ethers, an event or call back should be triggered.

How can I achieve this using ethers.js?

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I don't think you can achieve that easily with ethers since is not a blockchain explorer but a library to read and send transactions but not all hope is lost, you might want to look at Alchemy Api's or Infura apis, they've got a lot of functional apis that might help your purposes

Keep in mind these facts:

  • EOA Addresses (a regular wallet) does not emit events when getting ETH transfered
  • Contracts that transfer ETH or any token might implement 'events' in their code; these events you can track, for that you might want to
    use a service like alchemy notify which can keep track of events emitted by contracts

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