Hello everyone…I am trying to build a dapp where a user can request funds or ethers from a specific address and then that address can approve that function, then the person who requested the fund will get it when it has been approved…how can I go about this in Solidity ??

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You cannot do that with only Solidity. You'd have to create a contract that records requests for a specific address. maybe something like:

struct Requests {
  uint256[] amountOfRequest;
  address[] demander;

mapping(address => Requests) requestsPerAddress;

function issueRequest( address _from, uint _amountRequested) external {}

function acceptRequest(uint _requestIndex) external {}

After that a solution could be to track the transactions for specific function calls or events. Openzeppelin Defender can do that for you with the Sentinel


and trigger a code snippet with Autotask


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