I came across an ERC1155 nft token which is at the same time owned by two wallet addresses. I asked a friend how is that possible and they told me that ERC1155 tokens can be owned by multiple accounts at the same time and it is kind of like a partial ownership.

  1. Is this correct?
  2. Let's say this NFT is in both wallet A and B. What happens if wallet A transfers it to wallet B? Because the wallet B already has this token.

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  1. Correct - the smart contract can be built so people can own fractions of a token, that token is then represented as a % of the specified NFT ID.

  2. If the contract is built correctly - the transaction simply won't execute, you can try submitting the tx and will probably be charged a huge amount of gas but because the function to have duplicate IDs under one address doesn't exist it's in violation of the code so it just fails. See examples - as you can see there are numerous considerations to the logic here.

    function depositAsset() public {
        require(!deposited, "NFT already deposited");
        asset.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), assetId);
        deposited = true;
    modifier isTransferable(address _from, address _to) {
        require(asset.ownerOf(assetId) == address(this), "asset not owned");
        require(!approved[_from], "transfer from account that approved the sale");
        require(!approved[_to], "transfer to account that approved the sale");
        require(!sold, "asset already sold"); // can we allow token transfer after the sale?

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