Although I read the gas optimization report, I'm not sure why != 0 is better than > 0 for unsigned integer comparison. Example code is below.

require(numOfRotations > 0, "Empty arrays");

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I got an answer. The reason != 0 is better is the absence of DUP1(0X80) and GT(0X11). But this is a regression in gas savings when going from 0.8.12 to 0.8.13.



!= 0 is better than > 0 for unsigned integer comparison because if you're checking > 0, the comparison will be true because unsigned integers will always be non-negative.

  • Your answer applies equally to !=0. It will be always true when I use !=0. I'm just curious why != is more gas efficient. Is there any difference between opcodes? And also there is a problem if it has a minus value when we use != isn't it?
    – Shift_that
    Nov 13, 2022 at 17:16

As shown in the picture bellow with the opcodes every comparison cost 3 gas. However I don't see something like LTE(Less-than or Equal comparison), so I am asuming that operations like >=,<= would cost 6 gas because of the two operations LT/GT + EQ = 6 gas. But since you are asking for >, and not >=, in my opinion there is no price difference.

enter image description here

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