I signed a message that contained a nonce: 0x..... I suspect this message was calculated based on the balance of my account to withdraw the funds that were stolen (fortunately it wasn't a lot).

Can this message be replayed if I were to add more funds to this account?

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Since the signed message contained the nonce you can't be replay attacked.

See: "A replay attack is when a signature is used again (“replayed”) to claim authorization for a second action. For our example, it would be a serious security flaw if the recipient of a payment could submit the same signature again to receive a second payment. Just as in Ethereum transactions themselves, messages typically include a nonce to protect against replay attacks. The smart contract checks that no nonce is reused"

from this

  • In other words, signing a message nonce can be used to authorize an action once. So in my case, the 0x... message I signed that was used to withdraw ETH from my account can't be replayed?
    – a11hard
    Nov 12, 2022 at 16:56
  • Not really. A nonce is just a number that is added to the message signature to make sure that message cannot be reused a second time. If that message (i.e. "Me, Adgezaza, sends 1 eth to address 0x...", is reused now, the nonce attached to it will not match your nonce attached to your address and therefore will be rejected. You don't sign a message nonce, a nonce is attached to your message so that message isn't reusable Nov 12, 2022 at 17:50

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