What is the difference between the web3 filter methods and the subscribe ones?:

Filter methods:

enter image description here

Subscribe methods:

enter image description here

I cannot see to understand the difference. And which one you would recommend in each situation.

In my personal case, i need to read ERC1155 'TransferSingle' and 'TransferBatch' events from a particular shared contract in opensea.

Many thanks

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In particular, eth_subscribe will only get new events. There is no built-in way to say "Starting with historical block N, get me all logs matching the filter criteria (e.g. TransferSingle events) for a contract address X and then wait and keep watching for new logs to appear." You have to craft this logic yourself, including protecting against race conditions.

Also: note that web3.js supports

web3.eth.subscribe(type [, options] [, callback]);

but web3.py does not support the subscribe method (v6.1.0, as of 4-Jun-2023)

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