function setXTransferETH(address otherContract, uint256 x) payable external{
        OtherContract(otherContract).setX{value: msg.value}(x);

As above method, the calling with {} before the ()... what's the name of this calling, what is this {}'s terminology?

(Sorry I come from C / Jave world, I do understand what this method does. But what's the syntax for this thing? )


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It is called call-argument-list syntax.

It is useful to pass 'configuration' data to a function call, like the gas, value, etc.

In older versions of Solidity, the syntax to set the gas, value, etc., in a function like .call, was something like this:

recipient.call.gas(3000).value(1 eth);

But that syntax is not supported any more in newer versions of Solidity.

The new syntax is like this:

recipient.call{gas: 3000, value: 1 eth}();

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