I'm currently running a geth node in full mode. Later on, I've succesfully deployed this contract in Ropsten network.

> deployed_contract
   abi: [{
    anonymous: false,
    inputs: [{...}, {...}],
    name: "Tic",
    type: "event"
    }, {
    inputs: [],
    name: "incr",
    outputs: [],
    stateMutability: "nonpayable",
    type: "function"
   }, {
    inputs: [{...}],
    name: "set",
    outputs: [],
    stateMutability: "nonpayable",
    type: "function"
    }, {
   inputs: [],
   name: "valor",
   outputs: [{...}],
   stateMutability: "view",
   type: "function"
   }, {
   stateMutability: "payable",
   type: "receive"
  address: "0xff72a3170b78c0f2d872048c8af91747a9022b6c",
  transactionHash: "0xc506d2a060cb67f918ad1993adf637447466ba8e40ebfd897c9b1e6614fd96f7",
  Tic: function bound(),
  allEvents: function bound(),
  incr: function bound(),
  set: function bound(),
  valor: function bound()

Then, I've create as always an instance of my contract with the following statement.

> var instance = contract.at("0xff72a3170b78c0f2d872048c8af91747a9022b6c")

But, when I tried to call the "valor" method the following happened.

> instance.valor().call()
Error: invalid opcode: SHR
    at web3.js:6365:9(45)
    at send (web3.js:5099:62(34))
    at web3.js:4155:41(50)
    at apply (native)
    at web3.js:4241:75(21)
    at bound  (native)
    at <eval>:1:1(2)

I think the problem is that the methods are bound functions. What's going on here? Any guesses? Thanks in advance.

  • Can you share the contract code? Ropsten testnetwork was deprecated last month, you should try to use sepolia or goerli.
    – Ismael
    Nov 9, 2022 at 6:19

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Maybe your genesis file is missing the fork that enabled SHR opcode

Try adding:

"byzantiumBlock": 0, "constantinopleBlock": 0

to genesis.json file.

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Olivier, where is that file? Nov 7, 2022 at 18:09
  • Should be somewhere in your geth files. See this "The genesis block is configured using a genesis.json file whose path must be provided to Geth on start-up" Nov 7, 2022 at 18:13
  • But, that is for private network not for Ropsten Network Nov 7, 2022 at 18:38

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