Is it possible somehow to skip compilation when testing with foundry? I have a lot of contracts in the src map but there is only 1 file in a test map and whenever I run foundry test the compilation takes above 3 minutes to wait because it compiles all files from src however I don't need them. In foundry.toml I do have a field - test = 'test/foundry'. I tried to specify contract/test/path like forge test --match-contract test.t.sol --math-test testHash but it doesn't help. So whenever I change any letter in the test file I have to wait around 3 minutes. Any thoughts?

Would be really grateful for any help.

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We recently added forge build --skip <...>. So you can do forge build --skip test link and that will only compile src/.

We also recently trimmed down forge-std for v1.2 so compilation times with via-ir should be down as well.

LMK if this helps.


It's probably because of via-ir changes.

See this

You can try to revert foundry to v0.3 with

forge install foundry-rs/forge-std@c19dfd2f2a88a461216b0dd1f4961e1a85dcad46

Hope this helps


Found a solution on the opensea project. I suppose they had a similar problem so in the foundry.toml they specified a new profile - profile.test where they override the src field from 'contracts' to 'test/foundry' so whenever you want to run tests just set the environment variable FOUNDRY_PROFILE="test" and just run them. It will compile only files from test/foundry.

src = 'contracts'

src = 'test/foundry'

For windows

$env:FOUNDRY_PROFILE = "test"

forge test

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