So I tried with all of the Slither Tool Error On Contract That Inherit From Openzeppeling solutions, but none of them worked for me.

I got all openzeppelin files downloaded locally with git clone, but it also didn't work.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I also tried installing same tool with Docker but also got the same problem.

When I change import to "./Ownable.sol" to search for files locally it finds the files but only the ones that I have in same directory, and then fails on searching for other dependecies. ( I moved all openzeppelin dependecies to the same folder ). I guess only way to work this one out would be to change paths on every dependecy file?

Any other ideas to try?

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This depends on where you are located in folder tree when you run slither.

Is it a truffle project? Is your build directory standard or changed?

For a truffle project of standard structure, just call this from root of the project:


If you redirected Solidity compiler output to another project, e.g. you have frontend in client subfolder and you use Ethereum and Optimism contracts there:

slither --truffle-build-directory client/contracts/ethereum-contracts

For better help, please describe how exactly you run Slither.


I found two ways:

  • If you are running slither from your terminal:

    • you can simply specify a remapping in a compiler_config.json in your main directory:

enter image description here

  • If you are using the VsCode extension:

    • you can simply specify it in a remappings.txt :

enter image description here

On a different note:

I also tend to add a "filter_paths" in a slither.config.json:

enter image description here

which will allow you to not have included the directories you do not want.

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