I'm currently trying to develop my knowledge further on lower level calls such as DELEGATECALL.

I am continiously running into when trying to use .delegatecall():

RunTime Error: out of gas
Gas Usage: 0xe07e44(Decimal = 14712388)

delegateCall contract:

 pragma solidity ^0.4.4;
 import "delegateReceiever.sol";

contract delegateCall{
uint public testInt;
address public sender;

function delegateCall(){
    testInt = 1;

function delegateCallC(address _c, uint _testInt){
if(_c.delegatecall(bytes4(sha3("setTestInt(uint")),_testInt ))

delegateReceiever contract:

pragma solidity ^0.4.4;
contract delegateReceiever{
uint public testInt;

function delegateReceiever(){
    testInt = 2;

function setTestInt(uint _testInt){
    testInt = _testInt;

Edited truffle deploy to increase gas like so:


Edited testrpc initial account balance to:


Edited truffle.js file to include gas:

   host: "localhost",
   port: 8545,
   gas: 114712388

Is there any other method of ensuring gas will not run out? For example, is there a developer parameter that requires no gas etc..?

  • For my own learning, is "setTestInt(uint" missing a closing parentheses on purpose? – Miguel Mota Aug 9 '18 at 11:26

delegatecall returns true on success, so

if(_c.delegatecall(bytes4(sha3("setTestInt(uint")),_testInt ))

will throw if the call is successfull.


if(!_c.delegatecall(bytes4(sha3("setTestInt(uint")),_testInt ))
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