I am following this doc https://docs.chain.link/docs/consuming-data-feeds/ to setup feeds contract on a local evm (Ganache).It says need to deploy proxy aggregator contract and the demo is using Goerl testnet. I wonder how I can deploy this aggregator on Ganache for local testing?

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You can’t chainlink’s AggregatorV3Interface requires a contract address of specific mainnet or testnet you’re deploying it to. Currently only goreli and ethereum are available so if you wanna test your contract I suggest deploying it to testnet or skipping data feed part and directly putting in the price conversion required without using aggregator. Hope it helps !


You can deploy the MockV3Aggregator.sol on Ganache and initialize it with decimals and answer.

When you call the latestRoundData() on this mock it will give you the answer with which you initialized the contract

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