A question about geth attach. I am opening a geth console and then in another terminal I make geth attach. Everything looks OK when I execute web3 commands etc. (like eth.accounts) in both terminals. Then, I deploy a contract through the console (1st terminal) using loadScript(), and as usual it is successfully mined as I see from the console messages. However, after that moment, when I want to use the deployed contract through the attached console (2nd terminal), I am unable to do it. It does not event see it.

Any ideas?

  • The different terminals only share the same backend node- all the JS variables are local to the specific console you are using – Tjaden Hess Apr 4 '17 at 3:10
  • But when we deploy a contract, isn't it added to the blockchain which in my logic should be accessable via all the terminals? – Önder Gürcan Apr 4 '17 at 6:40

Looks like the contract deployed through terminal 1 is only local scope. To get it in terminal 2 you have to invoke the contract by address/api and perform functions on it.


You need to let terminal 2 know where the contract is and what it's ABI is.

myContract = eth.contract(ABI).at(address)

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