I have created an NFT market, based on multiple tutorials I found on the internet. Most follow the same approach: 1 smart contract for the market, and 1 for the NFT that extends the ERC721URIStorage from the openzeppelin library. But when a new token is minted and listed on the market (or when the token is sold), both contracts need to be executed :

  • NFT mint on the NFT contract ( or setApprovalForAll for changing owner later)
  • meta information updated on the NFTMarket contract

My feeling is that this architecture is pretty inappropriate: if for any reason, only the first smart contract is executed, the NFT smart contract will be updated, but data won't be reflected on the NFT market. So the question is: do you know if a better flow exists?

Code available here (lines 52 and 58) https://github.com/canujohann/NFT-marketplace/blob/master/pages/details/%5Bid%5D.js#L52

If no clear, let me know.


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