This contract here :


Is verified obviously, when making an api call tk check if it is verified or not, this is the returned result:

{"status":"1","message":"OK","result":[{"SourceCode":"","ABI":"Contract source code not verified","ContractName":"","CompilerVersion":"","OptimizationUsed":"","Runs":"","ConstructorArguments":"","EVMVersion":"Default","Library":"","LicenseType":"Unknown","Proxy":"0","Implementation":"","SwarmSource":""}]}

What could be the issue?

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The contract is not verified.


Similar Match Source Code Note: This contract matches the deployed ByteCode of the Source Code for Contract 0xbc569c7bc7e09b313e1124a92b9b95408a725b59

Bscscan finds another verified contract by ByteCode, but unfortunately doesn't provide this information via API.

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