I have three private blockchain networks:

  1. production
  2. development
  3. QA

production and QA both have blockTime of 10 seconds and are behaving as expected. When I read their block timestamps, there is always 10 seconds difference between consecutively minted blocks.


block1.timestamp = 1666621000

block2.timestamp = 1666621010

However, when it comes to the development network, the blockTimes can range from 13 all up to 29 seconds.

I wanted to ask if anybody else ever experienced anything similar.

NOTE1: I am developing on Hyperleger Besu

EDIT: Here are the screenshots from Grafana (the tool we use for monitoring our networks)

First screenshot shows CPU usage skyrocketing in days prior. Once the CPU usage per node reached upper limits, the blockTime began rising too.

CPU usage per node

Second screenshot shows the rise in average blockTime over the last few days (From 10s per block, to 38seconds, and it is still slowly growing)


Interested if anyone else experienced something like this.

1. Validator nods suddenly require more CPU resources

2. After CPU resources reach their limit, the blockTime goes up.

NOTE2: We did restart one of the nodes to test what would happen, and it did help a bit, but we want to understand the cause of this.

  • I would say your setup probably not powerful enough or not enough memory. Also you do not indicate much about your network. It may vary a lot depending on what consensus algorithm you use. Oct 30, 2022 at 10:39
  • We are using proof of authority. Does that give you any idea on what might have caused this.
    – Sky
    Dec 24, 2022 at 7:27


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