For testing, I deployed my contract locally on anvil and am trying to interact with it using cast. To verify the correct working of my contract, I would like to check the values in a mapping after updating them. I think I should be using cast index. My current approach:

  • Start anvil by running anvil. Copy the address and private key of the first wallet into export WALLET_1=0x... & export PRIVATE_KEY_1=0x...
  • Deploy: forge script script/Contract.s.sol:ContractScript --fork-url http://localhost:8545 --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY_1 --broadcast. The resulting contract address goes into export CONTRACT_ADDRESS=0x...
  • Publish a message: cast send $CONTRACT_ADDRESS "addKVpair(bytes32, uint)" 0x1 10 --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY_1 --from $WALLET_1
  • Read mapping at key: cast index bytes32 0x1 0. I assumed that the slot number should be 0 because it's the first declared variable.
  • Result: 0x14184318b4299964f96ff8dfa1db97fc8a28d66e8c4434c0773f43adc6062152 which is not 10.
  • If I try to read the value of a non-exiting key, I get a similar, non-zero, value.

What is going wrong? What would be the best approach?

For reference, my contract is:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0

pragma solidity >=0.8.0 <0.9.0;

contract Contract {
    mapping (bytes32 => uint) public mapTest;

    function addKVpair(bytes32 key, uint value) public {
        mapTest[key] = value;

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The storage location of mappings and dynamic arrays in a contract can be calculated by
cast index [key-type] [key-value] [slot].

If you want to know what is going on this particular slot, use
cast storage [contract address] [mapping key].

Here are details on how the slot is calculated.

In this case, do

>> cast index bytes32 0x1 0
>> cast storage $CONTRACT_ADDRESS 0xabc..

which is 10.

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