I've been trying to fill an order with a signer and a fixed taker. When not defining the taker, fillLimitOrder() gets executed without problem. But when specifying my taker in my order, I instantly get execution reverted. Here's my code:

    const order = new LimitOrder({
        makerToken: contractWrappers.contractAddresses.etherToken,
        takerToken: contractWrappers.contractAddresses.zrxToken,
        makerAmount: "1",
        takerAmount: "100000000000000000000", 
        maker: account,
        taker: RECEIVER, // When defining taker here, the transaction gets reverted
        sender: NULL_ADDRESS,
        expiry: getFutureExpiryInSeconds(),
        salt: Date.now().toString(),
        chainId: CHAIN_ID,
        verifyingContract: contractWrappers.contractAddresses.exchangeProxy

 const supportedProvider = new MetamaskSubprovider(

    const signature = await order.getSignatureWithProviderAsync(

    const txHash = await contractWrappers.exchangeProxy // Filling the order here
        .fillLimitOrder(order, signature, takerAssetFillAmount)
        .awaitTransactionSuccessAsync({from: account})
        .catch((err) => console.error(err));

Thanks for your input!

  • Who is filling the order? Is the RECEIVER or the account? When you define the taker only the defined taker can fill it. Nov 3, 2022 at 12:43


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