1. Mythril fails to import remotely and all-time searches in the local file system - to solve this I used Hardhat to compile my contract - and hardhat compiled contract.

  2. Now I am stuck on How to run Mythril on the contract using Hardhat to compile the solidity file.

npx hardhat compile // this comiles contract
myth -a FILENAME.sol --execution-timeout 10 // 

myth compiles file.sol using solc compiler and again giving import error - NOW HOW TO USE HARDHAT compiled solidity and RUN it on mythril.

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It maybe too late to help you but I answer for the others.

As this github issue said, Mythril compiles solidity with solc. https://github.com/ConsenSys/mythril/issues/1621

please set remappings to solc.json like

    "remappings": [ "@openzeppelin/=node_modules/@openzeppelin/" ],
    "optimizer": {
        "enabled": true

and run

myth analyze contracts/hoge.sol --solc-json solc.json --execution-timeout 20

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