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I'm curious if there is a way to see what the priority fee is on a legacy transaction. I always remember using metamask and being able to select options to increase the speed, but when I look on etherscan at legacy transactions there is no mention of priority fees.

For example, on this transaction, I multiply the base gwei by the used gas and then subtracted that from the total transaction cost to try and see if there was something left over which may be a priority fee, but there isn't. Does that mean the priority fee was 0 Gwei? Or is it hidden somewhere else?

Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Priority fee is a feature of EIP-1559. Those transactions that are EIP-1559 are called Type-2 transactions.

However, EIP-1559 is backward compatible, meaning that old (legacy) transactions are still in use and don't have a priority fee which is why you do not see any.

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