Code that works on ethereum mainnet/rinkeby and up until recently worked on goerli doesn't work on goerli anymore.

The code in question is proposing a Gnosis-Safe transaction using

@gnosis.pm/safe-core-sdk: ^2.1.0,
@gnosis.pm/safe-ethers-lib: ^1.1.0,
@gnosis.pm/safe-service-client: ^1.1.2,

Up until these 3 steps including, everything looks dandy

const safeTransaction = await safeSdk.createTransaction(safeTransactionData);
await safeSdk.signTransaction(safeTransaction);
const safeTxHash = await safeSdk.getTransactionHash(safeTransaction);

and we have a valid looking Gnosis Safe transaction hash (safeTxHash)

I would have expected, as per the code, that the next step will fail on any issues.

await serviceSdk.proposeTransaction(transactionConfig);

Comments in code SafeServiceClient

     * Creates a new multi-signature transaction with its confirmations and stores it in the Safe Transaction Service.
     * @param proposeTransactionConfig - The configuration of the proposed transaction
     * @returns The hash of the Safe transaction proposed
     * @throws "Invalid Safe address"
     * @throws "Invalid safeTxHash"
     * @throws "Invalid data"
     * @throws "Invalid ethereum address/User is not an owner/Invalid signature/Nonce already executed/Sender is not an owner"
    proposeTransaction({ safeAddress, senderAddress, safeTransaction, safeTxHash, origin }: ProposeTransactionProps): Promise<void>;

But it executes without fail. However, The transaction cannot be found in the website's queue, nor can it be retrieved via safeClient.getTransaction. it was never created as far as I can see.

Is that a gnosis/goerli regression? obsolete libraries? other? Up until a couple of days ago(12/10/22) same code functioned as expected.

(edit) The misbehavior is reproducible by wonderland's gnosis-safe-proposer

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    could you please share the safe address and the transaction hash?
    – mikheevm
    Oct 17, 2022 at 8:37
  • @mikheevm safe is0x37918D4DAD5dE0af86753eDFCd83CBDD04c49712 I created a second one just to make sure it's not the safe 0x7C114e9013124DE655f4922C0213bFfc96AEf42c but got the same behavior . The last transaction hash for the first safe is 0x3a5d652bf0fe1a30a433afeca0de8c901f93aa3a0d88ecc689c28a37df2612b8 The last transaction hash for the 2nd safe is 0xaaf7c54e08294d1dfd5b62182ecf6c2259801d4400a7acf74e2ab2f72cfee0fd Oct 17, 2022 at 8:52
  • The problem is very likely due to requests to https://safe-transaction.goerli.gnosis.io while the most updated goerli(?) runs on https://safe-transaction-goerli.safe.global/ Oct 17, 2022 at 13:00

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The API URL https://safe-transaction.goerli.gnosis.io is not fully functional the correct URL to use is https://safe-transaction-goerli.safe.global

I found it using the safe-client-gateway API

$ curl https://safe-client.gnosis.io/v1/chains/5/about

Once I realized the correct API URL I found the full OpenAPI specifications.

It will be helpful if someone can drop a comment with the official location where such information is formally distributed.


We landed on the same solution (as OP)! The official information is here: https://forum.gnosis-safe.io/t/transaction-service-migration-october-2022/1550 which we found via the gnosis UI at https://gnosis-safe.io/

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