We are integrating Gnosis Safe Wallet into our app with ethers library but we are unable to get a signer, i.e., required for completing transactions. I used @gnosis.pm/safe-apps-react-sdk for getting sdk into our app and @gnosis.pm/safe-apps-provider for getting a provider, which I used to fetch provider, safeAddress, account etc., and I am able to connect my app with safe app with safe app address. But when I am trying to do transaction using the safe app, I am unable to get a signer which is required to complete the transaction. Can someone help from team how I am able to get signer so that I am able to do transactions on safe app with a safe app address?

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You should be able to get a signer like this:

const signer = new SafeAppsSDK({
      allowedDomains: [/app.safe.global/],
      debug: false,

const { safeTxHash } = signer.txs.signMessage(message);

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