This is the function, openzeppelin is using to check the ERC721recieve interface. What is the purpose of having ERC165 when we are checking the implemented interface by this method?? enter image description here

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As described in the code:

/// @notice Handle the receipt of an NFT
    /// @dev The ERC721 smart contract calls this function on the recipient
    ///  after a `safetransfer`. This function MAY throw to revert and reject the
    ///  transfer. This function MUST use 50,000 gas or less. Return of other
    ///  than the magic value MUST result in the transaction being reverted.
    ///  Note: the contract address is always the message sender.
    /// @param _from The sending address
    /// @param _tokenId The NFT identifier which is being transfered
    /// @param _data Additional data with no specified format
    /// @return 

So it check if the contract knows of the erc721 transfer

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