I am writing a contact that sets a new owner as per below but cannot understand why the function setNewOwner needs to be a view function. I would have thought assigning a new owner would change the state so would not require a visability function?

mapping (address => uint) balanceAllowance;
address public owner; 

constructor () {
    owner = msg.sender;

function setNewOwner (address _address) public view {
    owner == _address;

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Because you put comparator operator == there, you should have used =.

More Explanation

Since you used == function checks if owner and _address equals and does not do any change so your editor suggests you to change it to view. If you have put a return there like below

function setNewOwner (address _address) public view {
    return owner == _address;

It would return true.


I would like to add that you should notice that anyone can call this function and set it’s owner after you’ll switch owner == _address To owner = _address.

Consider using msg.sender

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