Intro: I am trying to create a web app where I can send some tokens from my personal account to another. I found out a possible way to achieve my goal using ethers.js in the following way:

// connect to metamask
let provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum)

// define who signs the contract
const signer = new ethers.Wallet(your_private_key_string, provider);

// token infos
const tokenAddress = "0xEwgwegwdsB87f8Ebd86wegwegvweg"
      const tokenAbi = [
          // Some details about the token
          "function transfer(address to, uint amount)"

// define contract
const tokenContract = new ethers.Contract(piaAddress, piaAbi, provider)

// send tokens from my wallet to someone else's.
tokenContract.connect(signer).transfer("receiverAddress", "500000000")

Problem: As you can see from the code, at one point I need to provide your_private_key_string. This would be fine if no one had access to my web app, but since I should be hosted in the internet, it would be exposed to all users thus making it vulnerable.

Question: Would you be able to suggest a smart and elegant way to perform the same task but avoiding to share my private key?

Note: the web-app is developed with Django in case it might help.

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You can use python-dotenv to store your private key in DjangoApp and fetch it from there. There is a good explanation and video tutorial in this answer.

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