I am using prysm as consensus client to sync; however, it is taking a while to sync from genesis. Is there a way to speed up?

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You can use checkpoint feature of prysm speed up sync. It is essentially a way to get the state (checkpoint) from a trusted source instead of starting syncing from the genesis node.

If you can’t get the state from your own node, you’ll have to get it from someone else. A friend or family member you trust that runs their own node would be an excellent source. This isn’t trustless but will usually still have a very high level of trust, even without further verification.

Here is a list of publicly available nodes you can use and sync quickly.

  • I'm getting problems with sync after restart all (validator, geth and beacon) in my private blockchain. Its not sync anymore. How can I have a checkpoint server local ?
    – Magno C
    Aug 15, 2023 at 19:29

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